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Nurburgring Nordschleife 2.0

OK, so here's a big one from Diego, as an early Christmas gift to GOM, since he's very busy, but I assure you it's just a coincidence that he has so much work to do after GT5's release  Converted from rFactor.

Perfectly scaled track, 20 and something kilometers ingame (can't remember exactly) so according to Wikipedia, it's properly scaled. Has 4 game modes : Practice, Time Attack, Circuit Race, Drag Race.

For AI circuit racers save 3 cars as RaceCar1, RaceCar2 and RaceCar3. For the drag racer save it as DragCar.

*Waiting for more comments from Diego in the form of an edit*

Here I am!  Well, what I can say? I was expecting to release this together with our SLRRFM3 mod but looks like it'll take a lot more time to get out and usually having mods collecting dust on my HDD isn't my motto. Never was! In all my SLRR life that's what I was against. So, there it is. It is unfinished, there's some bugs I couldn't solve, like the white textures in some places but I may revisit it in a future. Who knows?

BTW, the track have A LOT to be explored. There's side-roads, that can let you go to all the scenery, you can visit the Castle of Nuerberg, you can go to one side of the track to another in some of these roads, its really interesting for some random cruising.

After all, in terms of track conversion, it's my masterpiece. And I really must give the major kudos to the rFactor guys that did it. Converting it was a HUGE job. But the ones who created this that really deserve the biggest glory. But as a converter, I accept my part.

That's it kids. Enjoy, stay safe. BEWARE of damned too low cars, be carefull with your suspension settings, too stiff and you'll die, it's the 'Ring, not a tuning-show. Build a racecar with the right stuff on it. My advice to master the track its to start small... anything with about 250hp will do the job. Make the car a tough one, the engine must be really realiable, the Ring will KILL weak cars. You may not even complete a lap. Brakes are important, usually 1-2 laps already destroy a set of average brakes. And if you guys really want to thank me, build a topic, and share your ring-rat experiences, I would love that.

Enjoy! And merry xmas!

Автор: diegorborges

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4 Лайки
Комментарии на сайте
16.12.2010 19:54
+ 0 -
тоже класная траса)))
16.12.2010 23:32
+ 0 -
Как на счёт 2.3.0LE smile
16.12.2010 23:50
+ 0 -
треки делаются для 221
12.07.2011 02:30
+ 0 -
у меня на 2.2.1 тоже вылетает angry
25.05.2011 21:15
+ 0 -
у меня на 2.2.1 mwm вылетает sad
21.06.2011 23:51
+ 0 -
и у меня
22.06.2011 03:43
+ 0 -
значит конфликтует с чето.в ерор дог глянь.на 221 вылетать недолжно,так как траса именно для 221 сделана
13.09.2011 08:48
+ 0 -
уменя на le2wmw вылетает dry
13.09.2011 12:04
+ 0 -
так же wacko
13.09.2011 18:34
+ 0 -
значит виноваты вы а не игра,у меня всё ок cool
02.09.2012 12:15
+ 0 -
Вылетает на чистой Le2MWM, в еррор.лох вот такой текст:
02.09.2012 12:20
+ 0 -
Удалил nordschleife21.spl, добавил обратно - заработало...
24.08.2015 12:14
+ 0 -
На этой трассе по прежнему когда наезжаешь на траву автомобиль тормозит? А то я чет запутался в этих Нюрбургрингах.
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