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Форум » SLRR » Флудилка » Help with a few copyright issues
Help with a few copyright issues
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I came to represent the SLRR Portuguese group called SLRR Portugal on Facebook. In this group of all things SLRR we have WIP mods and other things which are VIP. A lot of things are posted solely for the group not intended to be released else where.

Knowing this, everyone is free to join the group and see what Mods our modders do etc. A while ago a guy started to take the mods from our group and posting it on other places without our permission and even converting them to other games. No credits were given to the modders who did all the work, and in a few cases it was the actual guy taking all the credit. Things started to get worse with him getting banned from our group, but unfortunately he created a group in which he posts prety much everything our modders work on, and even some other VIP mods from other groups like BR Crew DS who are also stuck with this guy like us. He takes credit for all this mods. The most important modders in our group have disputes with him, being Thyago95 the one who suffers the most from this, with this guy bashing on thyagos WIPs and then releasing them. The guy who posts all this mods refuses to take them from his group and even starts to "bitch" with our modders who ask him to remove them. This is a serious issue having to deal with this guy.

This is a cry for help for anyone in this forum who can stop this or take measures to punish this guy for doing this. Our group will start taking measures to improve the security of our mods, but we wan't him to stop, because he is not only doing this to our group, but to other groups as well.

For those who understand Portuguese here is his latest bitch post on his group.

Any help is accepted, this guy already caused very problems for Portuguese and Brazilian moders.
for people who understand Portuguese

Подпись отключена!!!
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Sorry, I doubt that we can help your team. But may be some Russian modder teams which have contacts to Brazilian and Portuguese teams do.

Подпись отключена!!!
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Sorry translated "translate.yandex.ua"

Unfortunately, this is the Internet, piracy is nothing to be done. In the CIS countries this can be combated only through police and the court, if there are documents certified by a notary, which author you. Recommend reading the license for 3d max, it should include aspects of copyright. Also contact our support service Facebook.
К сожалению, это интернет, с пиратством ничего не поделаешь. В странах СНГ с этим можно бороться только через милицию и суд, если есть документы заверенные у нотариуса, что автор вы. Рекомендую прочитать лицензию к 3d max, там должны быть указаны аспекты авторского права. Также обратитесь в саппорт Facebook.
Форум » SLRR » Флудилка » Help with a few copyright issues
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